Multi-Scale Modeling of Structural Concrete

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In this paper, a mesoscale model of concrete is presented, which considers particles, matrix material and the interfacial transition zone ITZ as separate constituents. Particles are represented as ellipsoides, generated according to a prescribed grading curve and placed randomly into the specimen.

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Algorithms are proposed to generate realistic particle configurations efficiently. The nonlinear behavior is simulated with a cohesive interface model for the ITZ.

The simulation of localization requires to regularize the solution, which is performed by using integral type nonlocal models with strain or displacement averaging. Due to the complexity of a mesoscale model for a realistic structure, a multiscale method to couple the homogeneous macroscale with the heterogeneous mesoscale model in a concurrent embedded approach is proposed. This allows an adaptive transition from a full macroscale model to a multiscale model, where only the relevant parts are resolved on a finer scale.

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Special emphasis is placed on the investigation of different coupling schemes between the different scales, such as the mortar method and the arlequin method, and a discussion of their advantages and disadvantages within the current context. The applicability of the proposed methodology is illustrated for a variety of examples in tension and compression.

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Multiscale Modeling of Concrete

Walz K Beton Google Scholar. Devroye L Non-uniform random variate generation.

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PDF | On Jan 1, , Koichi Maekawa and others published Multi-scale modeling of structural concrete. Multi-Scale Modeling of Structural Concrete - CRC Press Book.

Barbeau EJ Polynomials. Lecture notes in computer science, vol Geuzaine C, Remacle JF Gmsh: a three-dimensional finite element mesh generator with built-in pre- and post-processing facilities Kachanov L Introduction to continuum damage mechanics. Abstract Due to the susceptibility of concrete structures to severe damage under earthquake loading, an increasing demand on high-strength and high performance concrete materials has been arising recently.

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Carbon nanotubes. Mechanical properties.

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High performance concrete. Energy absorption. Construction industry.

Multi Scale Modeling of Structural Concrete

Concrete construction. Compressive strength. Molecular dynamics.

Tensile strength. Structures , 14 , In: Structures.